Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New photos in the Supergirl Gallery

Ok I admit it, I had a crush on Mego Supergirl as a kid, unfortunately I could never get over the stigma of buying a "Girl Doll" (which didn't seem to matter come Star Wars time) to ever get one. I got through all that later on in life as evidenced by the new Mego Supergirl Photo collage.
More Mego Nonsense

Here is a loaded question from general buzz What does your signifigant other think of Mego Collecting?

It's only
6 more weeks until Mego Meet 2006 and attendance is through the roof! Megomeet 2006 looks like it will be the most attended Mego Convention ever with a dealers room, key note speaker and a yet to be announced exclusive Mego Museum Trading card, there is no reason not to go!

Like twisted Toyfare theatre? Then you'll love
The Real World Metropolis

Jason unveiled these killer
Goram Reavers from the TV series Firefly in Customego, be sure to check out the Custom Mego Blog Tuesday is when they announce Custom of the Week!.

See you in 48 hours when I'll have a tribute to Mego Aquaman plus more!

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