Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Island of Lost Megos

What do you do when a toy company marries your favourite television show with your favourite action figure design? Well, if you're Scott Adams, the founder of the Megomuseum website, you create a blog about it.

The Island of Lost Megos celebrates Bif Bang Pow's new "Lost" line and hopes to introduce series fans and toy collectors alike to the addicting pleasures of Mego and more importantly, creating your own custom Lost characters to go along with your BBP figures.

As Scott elaborates in his recent article "Eight Reasons Why It's Awesome They Are Making Lost Megos" there is already a lot of opportunity for custom goodness, so check it out and enjoy.

The Island of Lost Megos

Lost Action Figures at Entertainment Earth

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Lukiftian said...

Hi, picked up a Star Trek Vulcan Shuttle in an estate purchase and I was wondering roughly what it was worth as I plan on selling it... maybe.