Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Great Star Trek Clearance of 1980

For years, many Mego Museum members have talked of the "Clearance Star Trek" set which included usually  Kirk and Spock figures shrunk wrapped into a Bridge Playset, the playset was normally missing the transporter unit meaning it was a factory leftover of some sort.

Well, finally we have some print evidence of this item, taken from this December 1980 newspaper ad. At $5.00 this was a steal of a deal.

Hopefully one of these sets surfaces someday.

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Sean Dicken said...

Hah! I knew my memory wasn't that flawed. I have one of those sets. The playset isn't as well constructed as the one available previously. The seams are much looser- more gaps in the panels. It didn't come with any of the furniture, the transporter, or the replaceable view screen panels. I don't recall Kirk and Spock on cards either... I had never actually seen a carded Star Trek Mego until the late 80s, when I found a Kirk, Spock, and Klingon at a Comic Store for $10 each.