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The 2010 Mego Museum "Kubby" Awards!

Mego fans, 2010 was truly "our year". Why, if you think back a few years and any idea of having an awards presentation would have resulted in most of them going to a dead company. it's astounding that we now have a variety of products and licenses in which to choose the very best.

We are pleased to present the 2010 Kubby awards, named after the late Neal Kublan  former Mego VP who was always ready to share his wealth of knowledge with us fans. These awards were chosen by members of the Mego Museum forums and give credit where it's due despite it being a tough year to pick favourites.

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Favourite ReMego line of 2010?

Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. During Mego's original tenure  the Superheroes ruled and with a whopping 47% of the vote, the Retro Action Heroes by Mattel are the clear winners. The runner up on this would be the amazing EMCE/Diamond Select Universal Monsters with 16%.
Best Science Fiction line of 2010.
 The fans have spoken and with half a percentage point between the two Bif Bang Pow's amazing series of Twilight Zone figures narrowly defeated the golaith that is EMCE Star Trek.  These black and white beauties are not be missed. Rounding out the third spot is BBP's line of Venture Brothers figures.
Best  Superhero Line of 2010

This shouldn't be a surprise to anyone the DC comics superheroes are a powerhouse, and the Retro Action Heroes by Mattel recieved 69% of the vote, at 25% Cast A Ways wonderful Captain Action line is the runner up.
Best Horror Line of 2010
Friend, Good! Hands down this award goes to the brillaint EMCE Universal Monsters who snapped up 80% of the vote, at 16% the very nice Spectre Toys Dark Shadows line was a distant second. That was a hard choice for me.
Best Likeness of 2010
Barnabus Collins from Spectre Toys Dark Shadows line was the winner with 26% of the vote, followed closely by the Twilight Zone Kanamit with 21%. Tied for third were the Frankenstein and Wolfman each with 17.5% respectively. A tight race!

Best Accessories of 2010
A clean sweep for Cast-A-Way who recieved 33% of the vote for Captain Action in second with 20% was Cast A Way's the Phantom. What can we say, the boys give their figures a lot of stuff!


 Each with 32% of the vote, Zica and Castaway tie for first leaving EMCE at a very close second with 30%. A photo finish for these three.


Tied at exactly 21.4% each are CastAway's Captain Action and the EMCE Universal Monsters. A close second at 20% is EMCE's iconic Star Trek Packaging.
Hero Figure You Most Look Forward to in 2011

With 22% of the vote you chose the MegoMuseum's Super Collector, thank you, your cheques are in the mail. Coming in second is Mattel's The Flash with 17% (which some lucky folks got before 2011) and at 16% Zica's Buck Rogers.

Villain Figure You Most Look Forward to in 2011

With 21.4% of the vote the people want their Salt Vampire and they want it now, at 15.5% Tiger Man came in second and  Dracula  came in third with 14%. You people like your vampires and outer space baddies but an outer space vampire is the best it seems. 

Toy Line You Most Look Forward to in 2011

With 27% of the vote, the people have said they want more Superheroes in 2011 and Retro Action is number one. The close second with 21% is Zica's Buck Rogers.


With a whopping 52% of the vote, the playset goes to EMCE. This shouldn't come as a shock to anybody really.
Dream License in 2011 Survey Results

With a wide variety of sensible (and downright strange) suggestions, the list for dream license read like a love letter to the 70s and it was signed "MAKE MINE MARVEL", here's a run down of the runners up:
1) Marvel Comics
2) Star Wars
3) Battlestar Galactica
4) Doctor Who
5) Battle of the Planets
6) 1966 Batman
7) Six Million Dollar Man
8) Kolchak the Night Stalker

Will we see some of these licenses make the Mego leap in 2011? One can only hope.

That's it for this year, congrats to all the winners of the first and hopefully not the last Kubby awards, I can't wait to see what 2011 brings.

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