Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zica at New York City Comic Con

For those who couldn't make New York Comic Con this past weekend, Mego Museum member Chuck AKA "Megocrazy" was gracious enough to take some great pictures of the Buck Rogers display giving a detailed look at this highly aniticipated series of figures. Also from Comic Con comes the news that Zica's next projects include Adam West (yes, that Adam West) and Logan's Run based on the Blue Water comic series. More photos after the jump.

Click on any of these images for a more detailed view

Killer Kane

Tiger Man
Draconian Guard- Chuck informs me the final product will have actual lenses on his goggles, neat-o!
Finally, Buck Rogers fans get a Hawk action figure.
The folks at Zica have started a thread announcing their 2011 lines and answering questions, check it out here at the Mego Museum Forum.

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