Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Phantom Limb Materializes

Bif Bang Pow! is unveiling their Venture Brothers Series Two prototypes this week at San Diego Comic Con and now we've got shots of Hamilton G. Fantamos AKA Guild Supervillain The Phantom Limb.

This character presented a unique challenge to Bif Bang Pow mostly because his limbs are invisible, while releasing a figure with no limbs would be accurate, I imagine most are happier with this solution.

As always this is a prototype and not the final version but it sure is spiffy.

You can see larger shots at the The Phantom Limb Gallery at the Mego Museum or why not check them out in person at the Entertainment Earth® booth #2343 at SDCC this weekend.

More Bif Bang Pow! Reveals all day today, stay tuned Megopeeps...

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