Monday, February 14, 2011


They retrofied the DC Comics superheroes, transported the crew of the Enterprise back from the 1970s, but today EMCE Toys unearthed several lines of toys and collectibles of nothing but zombies, zombies, ZOMBIES!

Booth 4948 at the New York Toy Fair was Zombie Survival Headquarters as the EMCE team unleashed several different types of toys, in the familiar 8″ Mego format that they relaunched half a decade ago as well as several other surprising formats.

Leading the line was the first packaged action figure customizing kit ever, the “Make Your Own Zombie” kit. Featuring three Mego base bodies, five heads in varying states of decay, plus interchangeable arms, legs, hands and feet, as well as two sets of clothing and a DVD with painting and assembly techniques, it was the hit of the booth.

Right behind that was the new line of hyper-detailed 1/9 figures, with detail and accessories rivaling 1/6 figures, based on Fourth Castle’s own intellectual property, War of the Dead. The line of four include a “Commando” with ultra-detailed SWAT uniform and weapons, a “Cadaver Disposal Technician” with HAZMAT suit, gas mask and complex acid spraying apparatus, a female “Researcher Zombie” with rooted hair, decayed face and a terrible scalp wound, and a “Construction Worker” with weathered and gory clothing, construction boots, safety vest and toolbelt.

The last entries in the Mego-format that EMCE rebirthed are the last two figures in the Night of the Living Dead series EMCE launched several years ago. ”Barbra” and “Zombie Karen” have finally arrived to complete the line.
In addition, EMCE premiered several other zombie-related toys targeting traditional mass retailers: a “Zombies Vs. Zombie Hunters” amy men set, glow-in-the-dark “Zombie Containment Units”, and several “Zombie Hunter” toy gun sets.

The flyer below (see first post) was handed out to buyers all over Toy Show by EMCE’s team of zombies and ZERO Commandos, to the amusement (and disgust) of attendees.

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