Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sneak Peak at the Newest Trading Card!

Scott has given us a Sneak Peak at the newest Megomuseum Trading card at the Museum Forums , I think many folks might be surprised at who is next.

Stay Tuned tomorrow for more Card reveals!

Some other interesting Message Board items

Charlie gets to touch a Carded WonderWoman

Mego Meet 2006 is coming up. If you're into Mego, you should go! It's the only Mego Convention in the World!

These Cool Shots of Mike's Palitoy Planet of the Apes Collection are drool worthy!

In General Buzz, Bill asks which is better? Firefly or Space Above and Beyond? while other folks are pretty durn excited about this Superhero series getting put on DVD

Thanks for reading! See you at the Museum. I work in the cafeteria, come say hi!

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